I have mad computer paint skills.

. . . . . . . 

I got out of bed this morning feeling a little down and sluggish, with my plate full of housework and tending to a sick child. I sat at my computer and spilled oatmeal on the keyboard, panicked, dumped the oatmeal onto the floor and had the keys cleaned up in less than 30 seconds. They all work. Even the r’s. Though the surface feels a little sticky. The air conditioner is on high for whatever reason, and I’m leaving it that way because the cold feels like winter. More like autumn. Summer is my favorite season, but the cool air whisking away the heat feels like pumpkins on the porch and apple spice candles and the excitement of October celebrations. I’m blinded by the illusion that the outside air feels cool and crisp, and that makes me feel cozy and warm. I feel good. I feel like I’m ready for summer to end. It’s been a full vacation, and oddly, I don’t dread the end of it.

. .. .. …   .. .

I jumped out of an airplane a couple days ago. It being my second jump, I learned some maneuvers. I was required to push us out of the airplane rather than be pushed, and I learned how to turn around in the air and dart forward. I was nervous, not about the jump but about being able to remember the moves. The sky is peaceful and beautiful, the perfect place to clear my mind. And my mind being clear, more clear than I remember it being ever, the moves were easy. Everything came to me with calm clarity. I’ll go again hopefully next month. Not soon enough, but I’ll take it. I’ve fallen freely into a very expensive hobby…habit? so be it…


. . . . . . . . 

(I wrote all that two days ago when my keys still worked nicely…the stickiness has settled in and is messing around with my shift key, but im okay with the occasional incorrect or missing character…bad keys have never stopped me before9

. . . . . . . . 

I don’t watch sports—I just don’t get into them. But I like the Olympics. I’m watching the swimming competitions as i type. Ledecky just broke a world record by an entire body length.

As much as I don’t get into sports, I’ve always liked Brett Favre. A lot. He was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame yesterday, which I didn’t watch because I didn’t know about it, and I was told that i needed to listen to his speech. I like him because he genuinely loved/s playing his sport and would likely have done it without a paycheck. He’s a good guy, a great guy. So I watch the video. The speech was nice, really heartfelt, moving even, but the last thing he said made my insides shift sideways. It was exactly what I needed to hear, as though his words were meant for me. But they were, are, meant for everyone, not just in sports and certainly not just early in life. Have a listen (start at 36:00).


Oh, hey, our boys just won the gold in relay. You think Phelps regrets returning to the Olympics? (I’m guessing not.)

. . . . . . . 

(I wrote that second part last night.)

. . . . . . . 


I just dropped my waffle on the floor. I’m getting pretty good at spilling my breakfast. That’s one way to look at it.
That’s how I choose to look at it.
I win.


Author: uncaged

When Picasso painted a blue Seated Woman in a Chair, he was unconsciously thinking of me.

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