Who controls the past controls the future: Columbus revisited

I took two more stupid caps off. It’s like typing by braille now. I can’t see all my keys.

. . . . . . .

I have a student who is extremely intelligent (and self-motivated…a rare thing anymore) but dislikes reading and writing, which astounds me because of how well spoken he is. I told him that he’s clearly been reading the wrong books. He agreed to give a new book a shot, so I’ve made it a mission to find something that he’ll enjoy, something that might even inspire him to write. Not that everyone should write, but everyone should have that skill at hand if when the need arises. I set my alarm to remind me this evening to find something of mine to lend him. I rummaged a bit and then realized that I haven’t read enough. I suddenly feel the need to broaden my literary horizons even though I’m reading my way piece-wise through a scattered assortment of books. As in scattered around the house. So I flipped through pages and then resisted the urge to start another book after rummaging and flipping and burying myself 30-something pages in Mother Night. Which now makes me question why I’m here tapping on little white unmarked nubs. I could be finishing something on my nightstand or this ragged copy sitting next to me. Or picking up where I left off on that 30-somethingth page.

I learned this evening that I have a new cousin. My parents are big into genealogy and sent in samples of their DNA to a database to get information about our ancestry. Not something I would personally do, but at their age what risk do they run? What risk would I run? Who knows. Maybe none. But Orwell sure does a good job of making me an even more suspicious person than I ever was, or rather a person suspicious. If I were a suspicious person, I would most definitely not send it in. But a long lost cousin of mine did, and my mom’s cousin found this out when she got her results back a couple of days ago, results that link her to a young girl that, according to the database, is her granddaughter. Long story short, what began as an attempt to find “Indian” blood (Native American, American Native, what have you) turned out to be the discovery of a granddaughter from India.

. . . . . . . .

It’s bedtime. If I had a nice 9-to-5, I could look forward to the weekend. Do those exist anymore? Nine-to-fives? Weekends?




Author: uncaged

When Picasso painted a blue Seated Woman in a Chair, he was unconsciously thinking of me.

6 thoughts on “Who controls the past controls the future: Columbus revisited”

    1. Oh my. Thank you. I’m crazy about my students, and even though I enjoy teaching the math, I get super excited when they express an interest in reading or writing. I’m always trying to get them to pick up a book. We read poetry in class one day, but shhhhhh, it’s a math class…so I’m not sure how great of a teacher the school system would think I am!

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      1. As a fellow student, I’m sure I’m speaking for most of your students when I say your dedication is sincerely very much appreciated even when we don’t show it enough. The best teachers are the ones who are crazy about their students hahaha so I guess you’re doing exceptionally well! I don’t deserve thanks for just a compliment, you’re the one who deserves the utmost thanks for the tireless work you put in every day xx ps I’d have loved poetry in my math class

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      2. This is the kind of thing that teachers don’t get to hear much. It makes me feel like what I’m doing isn’t a waste. That didn’t sound like how I meant it. Often teachers feel like everything they do gets lost in the noise. A thousand times, thank you

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  1. I remember one of my favorite books in high school was The Count of Monte Cristo.
    It’s a perfect adventure novel that wasn’t heavy on language or morality. It was just a fun book.

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