Slow down, Woman, before you wreck yourself.


I believe there are no coincidences. In the words of Merrill Hess, “I’m a miracle man.” except I’m a woman.

I’m sitting in my truck in the driveway, supposed to have left 20 minutes ago, because the brakes are out. I’m forced to take the day off.

Each time I come upon a wreck on the road, maybe one that happened just moments before my arrival, I think what would have happened if I had raced that light or not gone back in the house for the third time to get or do whatever it was that I forgot to get or do. I think about how that car in the ditch could have been my passenger and me.

I once told my dad that I should have died a thousand times during high school. I didn’t explain myself. He told me, without questioning or judging, that I lived because I had an unfulfilled purpose. I have lived by that since.

So I wonder, as I sit here in this broken truck in the driveway, what has this expensive disruption saved me from?


Author: uncaged

When Picasso painted a blue Seated Woman in a Chair, he was unconsciously thinking of me.

6 thoughts on “Slow down, Woman, before you wreck yourself.”

  1. What became of your day?

    Without wanting to sound too positive, maybe rather than being saved from something, a new opportunity is being created 🙂

    at the very least, you have something new to tell the people in your lives


  2. My day consists of eating pretzels and drinking ice tea on the couch while watching TV, when not having phone conversations with truck service people.

    I needed a break, and one was forced upon me. It took losing a brake to get one.

    Heck, I might even take a nap.


    1. Hi, Kylie. Thank you for checking up. Life has been a strange ride for a while. What seems a thousand things have kept me from doing anything I enjoy. But it’s all starting to look up now, and I’ll get the bug to write soon. Is it a drug? For me, completely—one I’ve been denied for a good long while.
      Thank you for the compliment.
      I adore you. And not just because you say nice things. 🙂 Your writing inspires me.

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