Joyce and others and late-night reading

I have a strange love affair with words—the ones well placed, anyway. There’s a musical quality to something well written. I’d quote him if I weren’t in the dark on my phone with a cat on my arm. I mean I’d find the quote. He’s in a book, his words are, he is, same difference. He writes about how real writing has rhythm. The good stuff is three-dimensional, it billows and twirls through space. The rest is stuck to a page, listless or apathetic or too eager to please. He didn’t say that part, but I think he’d agree.


Author: uncaged

When Picasso painted a blue Seated Woman in a Chair, he was unconsciously thinking of me.

17 thoughts on “Joyce and others and late-night reading”

    1. Does Moggie mean “pain in the rear”? Because that’s what I call my kitties. They are lovable, furry, insanely cute creatures that drive me up the wall for their twisted pleasure.
      I love them.

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      1. I wonder how I got the idea in my head that you were from England. Strange indeed!!

        So the term moggie/domestic short hair refers to the cats that have no specific breed to them. What is the term for that in America???


      2. Domestic short hair. I have a tabby and a tuxedo cat, more specifically.
        I’ve been mistaken for English before, even in person. It’s odd, really. I’m actually of Scotch Irish descent. Don’t tell them I’m mistaken for English…(Lord help)


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