Little darlin’…it’s alright.

An extra morning to sleep in, and the phone screams at 7 something. TORNADO WARNING. TAKE SHELTER NOW. It didn’t even register. My husband fell back asleep almost as quickly as I did. Then another warning screamed a few minutes later. Ugh, I have to get up anyway because…haha…another warning as I type. I’m sitting in a parking lot waiting for someone. Hopefully I’ll be here when she gets here. Hopefully she’ll get here. Not really something to laugh at. Been around enough of those to be scared shitless of them. But the weather is fine. Famous last words caught on record forever. Because, you know, it all stays on the internet forever. I certainly hope my real last words are more meaningful than that. But just in case, I’ll hit publish if one pushes through the trees in front of me.


There are a lot of tornados where I come from. When I was in grade school, one day while eating lunch the sky turned from light grey to black before I finished eating my cafeteria pizza square. We were told to get under the tables. Kids were crying all around me, and I cried too, mostly for my dog. But I was terrified. 

Seven funnels passed over us that day, and several of them hit the ground all around town. 

That happens once a year or maybe every other year in my hometown. Here’s a picture of a tornado that one of my parents’ neighbors took from his backyard last year.

I don’t remember the picture being so dark. I lightened it. Maybe something is wrong with my phone.

Anyway, that’s what my parents dealt with that day. I’ll bet at least one of you has been around something like that.


Ah, look. Blue sky. 

A little bit of sunshine. Na na na na. It’s alright.


Author: uncaged

When Picasso painted a blue Seated Woman in a Chair, he was unconsciously thinking of me.

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