too sleepy to create a title

I was in the kitchen this morning outlining my day when I caught a glimpse of the TV that no one was watching. Some nature show was on, and the moment I looked at the screen a crocodile clamped his jaw onto the bony leg of a wildebeest (I just learned how to spell a new word, not a new word but a word I discovered I didn’t know how to spell. I was way off.). I wondered how the leg didn’t snap off, and then it occurred to me that the crocodile needed to grip onto something to drag that beest into the watering hole. He … she … it must have thinned a herd before. It knew just the right pressure to put on that relatively fragile leg bone. I imagine that crocodile screwed it up the first time. Anyway, as soon as the beest was well up to its neck in water, a swarm (hang on…Oxford Dictionary says a group of crocodiles is a bask. (new word knowledge #2)) of smaller crocodiles came out of the water and pulled the poor thing apart limb by limb. But not before doing an impressive synchronous series of rolls. It turns out, so says the narrator, that crocodiles can’t chew. They bite and gulp. I don’t recall what he said about the purpose of rolling except that it had something to do with the bask not being able to chew. Maybe they were tenderizing the meat a little. The scene then cut to floating green logs full of beest, and the narrator said that the crocodiles would not feed until the next season of animal drinking. The herd then sauntered off as if nothing happened. As though they faced no danger. They sacrificed one of their own for the good of the group. Lunch took one for the team. And as that herd moved on, I wondered why the sacrificial beest had to be ripped apart like that. Nature is brutal. But, why? I get the whole ecosystem thing, population control and whatnot, but why does the process have to be so violent? And why can’t all the creatures just eat plants and die of old age? Gorillas get by fine with their jungle fruits and greens. I think they eat insects, though…hang on…the internet says they eat termites and ants with their bamboo shoots.

Where was I? Yes, violently obtained meats. I walked out of the room, leaving the TV to ambush another passerby with useless information. That is not meant to be a derogatory statement, it’s simply a fact. I have no use for knowing what a group of crocodiles is called, though I’m armed and ready to impress a group of people … the name of which depends on the people attending or purpose of the gathering (link to list here)…in casual conversation. Or formal conversation for that matter.

I was seriously disturbed by the brutality of nature’s means of food acquirement. My brain’s immediate and involuntary response?





Which, by the way, shows no crocodiles nor eating of beests or any other creature.



Bedtime. Past bedtime, actually.




Author: uncaged

When Picasso painted a blue Seated Woman in a Chair, he was unconsciously thinking of me.

4 thoughts on “too sleepy to create a title”

  1. I have lots of thoughts on this one. Here are a couple: I enjoyed your use of the word “beest.” The first time I saw it I thought you’d goofed. Then I saw it again and knew you hadn’t. Then I saw it again and again and felt you were having fun with it. That made it fun for me.

    I can’t remember the other thought I had that I was going to share. When it comes back to me, I will come back with it. (Imbibed a spirit or two tonight, as I’m not working the next few days.)

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