Falling in deep

Every time I close my eyes now I see red and orange squares butted up against white and yellow squares fanning the flames of a bad habit burning out of control. Lines of words on the screen fold over others as I read, top to bottom, left to right, always in that order, and though the sensation is oddly satisfying the lack of upward and backward leaves a hint of unsettling.

I’ve solved the cube multiple times. The puzzle is now an obsession that I must break. Or maybe more of a compulsion. 

I gave my student an assignment on Monday to read The Little Prince in both her own language and in English and then compare the wording. It got me thinking about idioms today. Saint-Exupery wrote his little story in French, and the story has been translated into hundreds of languages. How often do you suppose the details in each translation stayed true to the original French text? And to compare two separate versions, each of its own language, both languages not the original…the thought is interesting.

But we’re going to talk about idioms and other odd word usage tomorrow. I highlighted a few things in the book to take with me, and after highlighting that the little prince “fell into a reverie that lasted a long while. And then, taking his sheep out of his pocket, he plunged into contemplation.” I got kinda giddy. A little warm and fuzzy even. It’s silly, really, but I’m most certainly bringing it up how fun it is to play with words once you get the hang of them. Though the English language doesn’t have the monopoly on that liberty. Clearly. And I’d probably insult her intelligence to even bring up the idea of word play. But I’ll point out how fun it is. Cause it is.

Oh goodness, it’s late.


Author: uncaged

When Picasso painted a blue Seated Woman in a Chair, he was unconsciously thinking of me.

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