sigh, tap.tap.tap.tap

I am increasingly amazed at how integral this itty bitty piece of technology has become in my life. By choice, of course. For convenience. I was speaking with someone on the phone while texting someone else while editing a paper while someone on the other end of the screen watched in real time and commented. And I saved a document to my drive. Then emailed something. Shared a photo. Looked up the average time it takes the average human to solve a Rubik’s cube. The answer is stupid fast, and that puts me well below average at 2 minutes and 48 seconds as a personal best, which I timed on my phone. I also used the light of my screen to find the charger because I forgot to plug my phone in.

And I’m awake. Thinking about my new house and how it’s sitting there empty and waiting. Tapping it’s house fingers on its house walkway. Sighing a deep house sigh. Waiting for me to claim it, legally. 

We did a walkthrough today to make sure no one punched in the walls or spray painted profanities on the countertops since the last time we were there. I’ve been to the house a bunch of times, mostly because I like being there. The air feels calm. I have a lot of ideas for the house. Some will have to wait, but I think I’m okay with sitting on the floor of an empty room. I don’t think we need furniture. But no one agrees. They rarely do. 

Though a new couch would be nice.

Lots of ideas in my head. Enough of them to fill a house or two, and yet I still scroll through Pinterest.

Now I’m just rambling. 

I don’t want to sleep.


Author: uncaged

When Picasso painted a blue Seated Woman in a Chair, he was unconsciously thinking of me.

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